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Quick and easy recipes made from scratch

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homemade peanut butter recipe from scratch

Homemade peanut butter

Do you know how easy it is to make homemade peanut butter?  That delicious, creamy spread, often paired with sweet jelly, is actually pretty easy to...
strawberry pie baked from scratch recipe

Strawberry pie baked from scratch

Who would't love going back in time just to have a bite of they're grandma's strawberry pie baked from scratch? Smelling that fresh baked pie...
creamed spinach homemade recipe

Creamed spinach

You'll love this easy creamed spinach recipe! More or less, it's the same recipe my mom used to make, ever since I was little. Eating your...
crisp breaded zucchini fries recipe

Crisp breaded zucchini

There are many zucchini recipes one can prepare, but among the most delicious ones, there's the crisp breaded zucchini. They're really delicious and very easy to...
green bean and carrot salad

Green bean salad with carrots

A quick and easy recipe to prepare on a hot summer day is the green bean salad with carrots. It's healthy, it's tasty and goes...
eggplant salad recipe

Eggplant salad

This delicious eggplant salad is the perfect appetizer or even a great quick side dish. When the eggplant season kicks in, you can usually buy...
smoked salmon pasta recipe

Smoked Salmon Pasta

In need of a really quick and easy recipe? Try this creamy smoked salmon pasta! You only need a few ingredients to be able to prepare...
Baked pasta with vegetables frugal recipe

Baked pasta with vegetables

If you have some extra veggies in your fridge or freezer, try this baked pasta with vegetables recipe! It's great for when you have no idea what...
cheesy pasta with sour cream sauce

Cheesy pasta in sour cream sauce

Looking to cook a quick and delicious meal? Try this cheesy pasta in sour cream sauce! I "love me some pasta" whenever I'm strapped for time...
one pot spicy cheesy pasta

One pot spicy cheesy pasta

Looking to cook a super-fast meal? Try this one pot spicy cheesy pasta! It's delicious, it's quick and - best of all - it's really cheesy! Whenever I...