how to work out with no gym

How to work out with no gym

A very common excuse for not working out is not being able to go to the gym. Whether you don’t […]


What snacks to serve to your guests, while losing weight

Here’s something to take into account while you’re in the process of losing weight: what snacks to serve your guests […]

simple salad recipe

Healthy recipes: salad as a side dish

I am now more or less (ok, less..) close to my ideal weight but that doesn’t mean I’m going to […]

low calorie cheese

Lowest calorie cheeses

When it comes to weight loss, one of the saddest moments I had to get over was finding out that […]

grilled chicken and peas

Healthy recipes – grilled chicken with peas

I know I already mentioned a recipe with the exact same ingredients, chicken and peas, but this time I decided […]

grilled cheese sandwich

Healthy recipes – grilled cheese sandwich

Well, I’m a big fan of cheese. When I found out how many calories cheese has I wanted to cry. […]

jogging - tips for beginners

Running – some tips for beginners

What can be more fun than losing weight while doing something you love? I wasn’t always a runner myself but […]

chicken and sauteed peas

Healthy recipes – chicken with sauteed peas

Well, it’s Thursday and, as you might have noticed, Thursday is recipe day This time, I’ll try to explain how to make yet another […]

pasta and veggies

Healthy recipes – macaroni and veggies

I have to admit I’m a big fan of pasta, especially mac and cheese… but we all know how bad […]

alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol and weight loss

Can you lose weight and still be able to raise a glass from time to time? Of course you can, […]

weight loss myths

Just a few weight loss myths (II)

As I mentioned before, there are a few weight loss myths that need to be exposed. Losing weight is something […]

breakfast sandwiches

Healthy recipes – breakfast sandwiches

Another alternative to the cereal bowl every morning, besides the veggie omelette, is this: have a sandwich! It’s fast and […]

weight loss myths

Just a few weight loss myths

Eating salads makes you lose weight, running every day helps you lose weight, bread makes you fat etc. I think […]

marinated chicken recipe

Healthy recipes – marinated chicken

If you’re bored of eating ‘regular’ chicken so often, here’s an idea: marinate it. You have to try it to […]

omelette with veggies

Healthy recipes – vegetable omelette

Here’s an idea: how about replacing those breakfast cereals every once in a while. I love milk and cereals but […]

how to lose weight

Lose weight by setting small goals

One of the biggest issues I personally have with this whole weight loss process is that not only is it […]