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ways to boost your energy

Few ways to boost your energy

When I used to weigh way more than 150 pounds (that’s 70, in kilograms), I also used to feel fatigued […]

weight loss on christmas

Weight loss tips for Christmas

Well, it’s official 3 more weeks ’till Christmas! It’s a magical time, this Holiday, the Christmas tree, Santa’s presents… and […]

crash diets

Crash diets: do they work or not?

Crash diets seem to be the most popular methods people are looking for when wanting to lose weight. Everyone wants to lose […]

save money lose weight

How losing weight can save you money

Can losing weight go hand in hand with being frugal? Can losing weight actually help you save money? Why, yes! […]

how to kick start weight loss

How to kick start my weight loss?

Kick starting weight loss is a real challenge among everyone who decides to try it. I know it was for […]

how to lose weight on vacation

How to lose weight while on vacation

It’s vacation time again, it’s almost August, although many are already enjoying their vacation since beach season has started more than […]

homemade apple cider recipe

Homemade juice recipes

Everyone knows how bad sodas are for our health and it’s not an easy thing to stop drinking them. But, […]

how to give up and stop drinking soda

How to give up on soda and fizzy drinks

One of the biggest problems when losing weight is giving up on your old bad habits. We already discussed about […]

abs workout for a flat belly

Ab workouts to lose weight

What are the best exercises to lose belly fat and – maybe, just maybe – get a flat stomach or […]

healthy and unhealthy salads

Just because it’s called a salad, doesn’t mean it’s healthy

There is a common misconception that, whenever you chose to eat a salad, it must be healthy. Because it’s a […]

how to work out with no gym

How to work out with no gym

A very common excuse for not working out is not being able to go to the gym. Whether you don’t […]


What snacks to serve to your guests, while losing weight

Here’s something to take into account while you’re in the process of losing weight: what snacks to serve your guests […]

simple salad recipe

Healthy recipes: salad as a side dish

I am now more or less (ok, less..) close to my ideal weight but that doesn’t mean I’m going to […]

low calorie cheese

Lowest calorie cheeses

When it comes to weight loss, one of the saddest moments I had to get over was finding out that […]

grilled chicken and peas

Healthy recipes – grilled chicken with peas

I know I already mentioned a recipe with the exact same ingredients, chicken and peas, but this time I decided […]

grilled cheese sandwich

Healthy recipes – grilled cheese sandwich

Well, I’m a big fan of cheese. When I found out how many calories cheese has I wanted to cry. […]