You don’t want to cheat your diet

When it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle, there’s no doubt that there are some sacrifices to be made. I, for example, gave up completely on fast food. I can pass by McDonald’s and not even care. It’s a tremendous progress compared to before, when I would feel the NEED to eat at least a cheeseburger. Not anymore!

Quitting is never easy

Choosing a healthy lifestyle means you have to really quit eating a lot of the things you used to eat before. Fast food, buckets of ice cream, bags of potato chips etc. Oh, let’s not forget the soda after every meal.

Quitting on all these foods is a hard thing to do, you have to say “no” every time you feel the need to go back to your bad eating habits. Have you ever tried to quit smoking? It’s just as hard.

Cheating on your diet is still… cheating!

Cheating on your diet is like having a cigarette once a week, just for old times sake. It’s not OK!

I dare you to try and eat healthy all week long and order fast food on the weekend. Go ahead, try it. You’ll want to have more, since it’s “cheat your diet day”. Then you’ll have another “cheat the diet” day the next week, then you’ll want to have a hamburger on Wednesday, since it didn’t harm you last weekend and before you know it, you’ll say hello to your old lifestyle.

I don’t even understand why a lot of people say that it’s OK to cheat from time to time. I don’t think it is, I think I ended up being chubby BECAUSE of all that bad food. All those pizzas and burgers are the reason you got fat, why would you want to go back to that?

don't cheat your diet

This is a whole new lifestyle, not a strict diet

Speaking for myself, I have cheated on myself long enough!
It’s not OK to cheat on myself anymore! If I decided to quit, then this is what I’ll do.

I choose to be healthy and frankly, I’d rather make my own pizza and have CONTROL over it, than order one and have no idea what I’m eating.

Same goes for everything else. I have said it before, I don’t believe in diets, I think they’re crap. Diets are only a way to make you lose weight really fast and then put it back on faster than you’d think.

The best example I can give you, as usual, is myself. When I work a 12 hour shift, instead of ordering pizza (like all my colleagues do), I always prepare some sandwiches at home. I know exactly what I eat and this way I know I can have a healthy lunch for, say, 300-400 calories instead of eating a pizza that has about 2000.  Sure, sometimes I have a slice, but that’s it – one slice.

How do you know you’re ready to make the change?

Eating healthy is not like being on a diet. It’s a whole new lifestyle and bad foods should not have a place on your table. If you can’t give up completely on your bad habits, it only means that you’re not ready for a change.

Want to know how I know?
I don’t feel the need to eat crappy food anymore.

There’s a big difference between feeling the need to eat a fat burrito and feeling the need to get away from it! This is how I knew I was ready to change my habits: I don’t want to live like that anymore. I actually think that eating an entire pizza and having a big soda afterwards is gross. I look at potato chips and frown a bit.

You can compare this feeling to the things you feel when you think about getting back with your ex 😀 Would you cheat on your significant other with your ex just for old times sake? Didn’t think so! Same thing goes with your new lifestyle.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to be extreme!

not ok to cheat on your diet

So, bottom line, it’s not OK to cheat on your diet. Ever. You can choose to eat healthy anywhere you are: at home, at work, when you travel or go out with your friends. You can have pizza, just don’t eat an entire one. You can have cake, just stick you a thin slice.

A healthy lifestyle means you have to get ready for some major changes. A healthy diet is something you do for yourself and for your family. You don’t have to be extreme and never eat chocolate in your life, you just have to be careful not to eat an entire chocolate bar in a few minutes.

Eating healthy means giving up on bad habits. Cheating on your diet is not a good idea. You have to be strong and ready to change your lifestyle and, most important, you have to believe that the change is good for you!

Are you ready to get healthy yet? 

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