What is paid forum posting and how does it help your forum grow

What is paid forum posting?
How will it help my forum?
Why should I pay someone to post on my forum, if real members will register and post for free?
…and so on. There are many question that revolve around the concept of paid forum posting. But let’s start from the top.

What is paid forum posting

You want your own forum

It’s not uncommon to want to be the Admin of your own forum. Forums have been around for years, some of them are still online, after 10-15 years of activity, others fade into nothingness soon after they’re launched.

Of course, the ultimate dream of any aspiring forum Admin is to create a whiz-bang community, where people will gladly come and register, they would freely post their questions or replies, they’d socialize with other members and thus, a delightful little website, with lots of traffic and lots of ‘Google love’ will be born.

New (empty) forum’s online. Now what?

Installing a new forum is easy. You just need to decide on a domain name (preferably one that has to do with the topic of your forum), choose a web host and install the forum script of your choice. Nothing to it, right?

So, what’s next? The forum’s empty. You have no members, except for yourself and maybe some dummy users you created to test things out. You need real users! You need content! You need activity on your forums!

What to do next?

You see, an empty forum is not really a community. It’s just an empty forum.

How do you turn a empty forum into a lively community? You need real people to come, register and start posting.
But how do you get people to sign up? You need to “lure them in” them with interesting content: engaging topics, interesting articles, intriguing Q&A related to the topic of your forums, and so on.

It’s extremely important to realize that a new forum, if empty, has nothing to offer.

Forums are a virtual community of people who are looking to participate in a good debate, people who are looking for answers or advice, they’re a place where real people interact with each other. So you see, unless your forums are interesting and provocative, chances are people will not join in, but they will take their bags and leave.

How to turn a new, empty forum into an active one?

Phew! Finally, the interesting part!

There are a few ways a new forum Admin can turn the new forum’s frown upside down.

  • Post some content yourself

Yes, it’s been done and it’s not impossible. A forum Admin can definitely start things off by creating new topics, writing a few articles, thus attempting to bring in some traffic.

  • Ask friends to register and help out

This can also turn out to be a good help: ask people you know to register and start posting. You’ll have real forum posters, interacting with one another, creating content and making things work.

  • Paid forum posting

Ah! The interesting part! Hire a professional to start things off by creating SEO articles for your forums, search engine optimized forum posts and search engine optimized new threads! Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Hold your horses! Why should I pay someone to write content on my forums?

The answer is simple: a true professional will know how to make your forums look alive!

A paid forum poster is a forum’s Admin greatest asset!

A paid forum poster’s job is to make your community grow from “empty website” to “peppy community”. Of course, a professional will not work for free, but they will definitely be worth every penny!

What does a paid forum poster literally do for my forum?

Seeing how I’m a paid forum poster myself, I’ll just go ahead and tell you what I personally do on forums:

  • Create 1 account, and use it to post new topics &replies (to already existing topics, created by someone else) across the forums;
  • Create more than 1 account (from 2 accounts to, say, 20) and “make” them all interact with one another;
  • Customize each new user with an avatar, a signature, a personality, a life story and so on. A.K.A., no one will ever know all users are… me!
  • Research before posting, so I’d be able to use the best keywords in my posts and/or forum articles, making them SEO friendly;
  • Make forums look alive & kickin’, in no time!
  • Definitely respect everyone’s privacy and never telling a soul which forums I’m working on! Seriously, I dare you to ask me for samples of my previous work on forums!

There are many paid forum posters out there, who offer their services and do the best job possible to make your forums grow. You can find them on various freelance websites, you can find them on different forums offering their help to new forum Admins, or you can find them through their portfolio, such as my own.

Paid forum posting is, all in all, a genuine professional writing job. So, if you need your forums to become active, regardless if they’re new and empty or old and deserted, don’t hesitate to ask for a professional writer’s help!

Have you ever used a paid forum poster’s services? What did you think? Did it help?

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