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Hi! ..and welcome to adryblog.

My name is Adry (obviously) and I decided that I will try to fit here, on this website, as many information about weight loss as possible. REAL information!

How many times have you read that “this diet will help you lose weight?” How many times have you heard that “these magic pills will make you lose those extra pounds“? I’m just going to go ahead and say it: dieting and pills and everything else that you think will help you lose weight are crap.

Weight loss is not a journey, stop saying that,  journeys always come to an end. It is a change, a real lifestyle change. A change for a better, a thinner and a healthier YOU. Losing weight is a choice, maybe the best choice an overweight person can make for themselves.


Now, why do I keep saying how important a lifestyle change is? Because I myself have made this change and I’m hoping to stick to it for as long as possible. I’m just an itsy-bitsy, just a little…. ah crap! I’ll just say it: I’m overweight. I need to lose some pounds in order to fit in my favorite jeans again so I decided to DO THIS: change my lifestyle to become healthier and, of course, great looking 😀

I hope I’ll be able to give as much advice as possible on losing weight. I myself have already lost some weight in the first week so, I’m thinking, this should work!

Just to be clear, the saying “you are what you eat” does not apply here! Nobody wants to be a vegetable.

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