Top 3 benefits of allowing blog comments on your website

Hi! Loved your article! I’m so glad I found your website, I bookmarked it to come back in the future.
Sound familiar?

This is one of those typical spam comments (I get those a lot) every new blogger dreads! You set up your new website, publish your first articles and, well, not even spammers bother reading them. So, now what?

Whatever you do, don’t turn off your comments! A blog is, more or less, a place of debate. It’s a place where you express your point of view and your readers will want to contribute as well; they’ll either agree, add something new or disagree with your ideas.

As long as everything takes place in a civilized manner, you have no reason to turn off the comments system. Especially if your blog is new!

top 3 benefits of allowing blog comments

How do blog comments actually help a website?


Blog comments help with SEO 

Real, quality blog comments could give you a nice boost when it comes to search engine optimization.

If the comment is on topic (so, not spam!), chances are the person who left it has also used some keywords in the process.

Example: this is an article about how blog comments help with SEO. Someone might come along and disagree with me. Chances are they’ll say something like this:

I strongly disagree! Blog commenting does not help with SEO at all! If anything, you risk your website’s credibility because of uncontrollable keyword stuffing!

To which I would reply:

Hello and thank you for your insight. I believe blog commenting does help with SEO though, I’ve personally noticed how, on some of my blogs, a serious chunk of the organic traffic I get is thanks to my readers’ comments!

This is actually true. User-generated content can be a great help, especially when the person commenting uses long tail keyword-phrases you would have never thought inserting in your articles.

Numerous blog comments = popularity and website quality indicator

Imagine you do an online search and find 2 blogs.

One has pertinent comments on almost every single article. People seem to enjoy discussing the topics debated, they ask questions, they add value to the conversation, they seem to be a friendly community.
The other blog is new, has a few articles published, but no comments. Or maybe it has some spam comments, like “great article! Thanks mate!“.

Which blog would you, most likely, comment on?

While I strongly believe a blog shouldn’t be judged solely on the number of comments, but also on the quality of the articles, writing style of the blogger and so on, if you also have your own blog to promote (by leaving your link), I bet you’d be more inclined to comment on the one who looks more active.

It’s a normal reaction. Many people who regularly leave comments on blogs do it to promote themselves. They either have their own blog, they need to promote their business or they are paid blog commentators, who promote someone else’s website.

To sum up, the idiom “the more, the merrier” has literal meaning when it comes to blog comments on your own blog (if they’re not spammy and on topic, of course!)

Blog comments help keep your blog interesting

… in 3 different ways:

  1. Quality blog comments add value to your website’s content, people always have something to say if they’re interested in the topic of your articles;
  2. They will generate interactions among your readers, which could lead to your blog becoming a cozy, interesting place to visit;
  3. Blog comments will probably help you beat that writer’s block! What if one of your commentators mentions something really interesting? Instead of replying in just a few words, you can very well base one entire article on that particular idea.

These 3 benefits are definitely a big plus when it comes to leaving your comments on.

Can you think of some other benefits of allowing blog comments on? What are the reasons you leave your comment system on or off on your own blog? 

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