Just a few weight loss myths

Eating salads makes you lose weight, running every day helps you lose weight, bread makes you fat etc. I think I’ve heard and read them all and, yes, once you decide to start losing weight you will surely look for information on how to do it all over the place.

However, there are a few myths about weight loss that are definitely not true. I have seen articles all over the net that are supposed to help people with their weight loss, but instead they are either copied from someone else or are written just to drive traffic to the site. Well, it happens.

I have successfully managed to lose exactly 16 and a half pounds in 75 days. Yes, I keep track, but I’ll talk about “weight loss obsessions” some other time 😛

I’m really proud of what I managed to accomplish and I’m also glad I didn’t follow stupid advice read on certain websites or magazines. Some people would do anything to gain readers, but they don’t really think that it’s the reader who suffers the consequences.

Let’s see, what are some of the myths that are out there:

weight loss myths

1. You should eat 1200 calories a day

The calories you should eat are calculated based on your height, age and current weight. If your BMR formula says you have to eat 1700 calories to keep your internal organs functioning, under no circumstances should you eat less than that!

I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure that if you don’t eat enough food, your body doesn’t have enough energy and it this will either make you ill or you’ll just gain a lot of the weight back and all of your “dieting” will be for nothing.

2. Bread makes you fat

Of course it’s false, one slice of white bread has less than 100 calories (a small slice of sliced bread for toast) . It’s the things you put ON the bread that make you fat, is what my dad always said 🙂

You can, of course, not eat bread at all, it’s your choice. Or, you can replace the white bread with other types such as whole wheat, brown bread, whatever.

The fact is, it’s OK if you eat 1-2 slices of bread with your meals. It’s even better if you have them in the morning for breakfast. Eating 3 slices for breakfast, 4 at lunch and another 3 for dinner will indeed make you fat, 900-1000 calories a day just from eating bread will definitely show, but it doesn’t mean you should stop eating it altogether!

3. Eating salads will make you lose weight

This is just stupid advice, if you’d ask me. I love salads, I actually eat salads almost everyday, but I eat it as a side dish for my lunch or dinner!

Eating leaves all the time will not make you lose weight. If anything it will starve you and you’ll most likely get sick of your “diet” and start munching on some hamburgers.

Salads are OK, as long as you eat them WITH something. Boiled eggs, grilled meat, fish, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t plan on eating 3 salad leaves and a tomato for lunch.

Well, there are a lot more myths out there and I will make sure to present them soon. Meanwhile, do you know of any weight loss myths worth mentioning?


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