Just a few weight loss myths (II)

As I mentioned before, there are a few weight loss myths that need to be exposed. Losing weight is something quite serious, you can’t make a mess out of your metabolism by following stupid advice you randomly find.

I’d like to continue with the “myths list”, keep reading: 😉

myths about weight loss

  • Strict diets are good for weight lossFALSE

Strict diets are not OK! I can’t stress that enough. A strict diet will only make you hungry, it will keep you away from your favorite foods and it won’t work! You may manage to lose a significant amount of pounds in a short time and you’ll be extremely happy, and then you will put them all back by returning to your old eating habits. Face it, you can’t eat cabbage soup forever!

  • You must give up all your favorite foods that made you fat FALSE

Well, that’s a myth that needs a little explanation.

If you are, by any chance, addicted to fast food or cakes, you should definitely quit eating them. Food addiction is just as bad as smoking, you can’t have a cigarette every once in a while because you risk to have to quit all over again. And everyone knows how hard that is!

However, you can definitely be on a diet and eat chocolate, for instance. You can even have a cookie from time to time, it’s not the end of the world. As long as you don’t eat the entire cookie jar and limit yourself, you and your diet won’t suffer one bit!

Moderation is key. I have lost almost 18 pounds in the last 3 months and I still eat chocolate at least 2-3 times a week. I limit myself to one Twix or a few chocolate squares, and don’t eat a whole box as I used to.

  • The more you exercise, the more weight you lose – FALSE

Of course it’s false, your body has to rest too and not only while you sleep.
If you do intense exercises everyday, your immune system will “panic” and you’ll feel tired all the time.

By over working your muscles, you won’t give them a chance to rest and let them ‘grow’. It’s like being in an abusive relationship: your muscles are the ones who never complain, they do everything you say and don’t seem to mind and you’re the one who keeps pushing and telling your muscles what to do. Well, at a certain point, the muscles will want to quit…


Well, these are 3 more myths you shouldn’t believe. If you can think of others, feel free to mention them!


  • Lala

    Here is a myth i keep hearing from a lot of people: eating nothing for breakfast helps you lose weight. Or eating only twice a day… The truth is you should eat 4-5 times a day, but small amounts of food. so there are 3 meals and 1-2 snacks (a fruit or something)

  • Yup, it’s true. If you eat nothing for breakfast you’ll end up “stuffing” yourself for lunch. Plus, you’ll slow down the metabolism so you’ll burn calories a lot slower than someone who has breakfast every morning 🙂

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