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Eating healthy is a big part of the weight loss process. In other words, just so you know how important eating is, if you don’t eat you won’t lose weight.

Well, while breakfast, lunch and dinner are a must, so is a good afternoon snack. Think about it, you eat in the morning before you go to work or school, then you eat lunch after about 5 hours or so, and then you would have to wait at least 7 or 8 hours until dinnertime. Well, that can’t be good.

Typically, food is digested in a number of hours. Some say it takes about 24 hours, others say it takes up to 72, ecc. Regardless of what specialists say, the one thing you can be absolutely sure about is that, sometime between lunch and dinner, you will be hungry!

The wrong thing to do when that happens is to ignore it and starve. Why? Because then you’ll be tempted to eat too much food for dinner. The dinner plate should not be stuffed with a lot of food, but should be small and the food should be ‘light’.

Well, to avoid that and, of course, the consequences (you know that eating a heavy dinner contributes a lot to putting in weight, right?), a snack is a great thing some nice people probably invented a long time ago.

What did you use to have as a snack before starting to lose weight?
I’ll give you my version, even if it’sĀ embarrassing: an entire pack of chocolate, potato chips, cake, cheese balls, a whole bag of peanuts, ecc. These maybe not the best choices I made for myself.

Let’s get to the point though. What are some healthy snacks?

healthy snack choices

Well, let’s see.
First of all, FRUITS make a great snack. Fruits are sources of vitamins and energy (especially apples). Fruits are obviously the first choice when it comes to having an afternoon snack.

A banana has about 100-120 calories, an apple has about 60, a handful of strawberries has an average of 30 or 40 calories and so on. Healthy for you and for your daily diet.

healthy weight loss snacks

Besides fruit (you get tired of eating fruit and nothing else all the time), you can have some PISTACHIOS or ACADEMIA NUTSĀ or CASHEWS. Or mix them all up in a small bowl (small, as in don’t exceed 1 oz or 10 grams of the total nut mix). By controlling your portion, you’ll have an average of 150 calories in a small bowl to crunch on.

healthy weight loss snacks

Another snack I like to have from time to time is plain YOGURT with a bit of HONEY. One teaspoon of honey is about 30 calories or less and, depending on the yogurt, this snack should be less than 150 calories. You can add fruit instead of honey too, it’s yummy.

Off the top of my head, these are my main 3 choices for a snack in the afternoon. I sometimes drink a glass of milk too, but I don’t think it counts as an actual snack.

What about you? What are your top choices when it comes to having a healthy snack in the afternoon?

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