How to give up fast food

I’ve been preaching for over 2 months now that fast food is you enemy when it comes to weight loss. I think I’m not wrong saying that it’s actually your worst enemy.

Fast food is basically a bunch of empty calories. Sure, most of the times it’s a lot cheaper than buying groceries. Then, it’s a lot more convenient since you can stop by a fast food joint and eat right away instead of having to cook. Not to mention how tasty fast food can be. Maybe this is the reason that you don’t see the original recipes all over the place…

Ok, so fast food is convenient. But it’s also bad for everyone. Fast food is so high in calories, you won’t even believe it.

I picked up some random fast food items, just for fun:

1 Burger King’s Double Croissan’wich with ham, sausages, eggs and cheese is “only” 530 calories per serving.

1 slice of Dominoes ham and pineapple pizza is 265 calories. Imagine if you’re eating half of it or worse… the whole thing!

1 Chocolate glazed doughnut with sprinkles on it has a ‘mere’ 270 calories. And it’s 2.5 oz, so that’s rather small if you’d ask me.

See? Fast food has a ton of calories and they make it taste good so it’s hard  to limit yourself to just a small portion.

How to give up fast food then?

Well, there are a few tricks I find useful:

how to give up fast food

1. You can make your burgers/tacos/pizza at home

That’s right, you can have fast food at home, made from scratch and made with healthy ingredients.

For example, I love making burgers just as much as I like eating them but I personally prefer to choose the meat myself, instead of mayo or ranch dressing I just add a but of mustard and a bit of Greek yogurt and so on. You can do a lot of healthy replacements and eat ‘healthy fast food’ at home.

2. Pack your own meals when you o to work/school

I made a habit out of stopping by McDonald’s every day I came home from school. I basically ate at least 3 cheeseburgers a day, plus a bag of fries and I thought that if I left the soda out it won’t hurt my diet that much. Also, I sometimes would stop by McD.’s before AND after school, I had to eat something for lunch too, right?

That’s just a horrible thing to do to yourself. I put on a lot of pounds because of this bad habit and I’m so glad I managed to give up on it.

Now I pack lunch every time I know I have to eat out. Whether it’s a 12 hour shift or a 4 hour course on first aid, I pack my own food the evening before.

This way you know  what you’re eating, you know more or less how many calories, fat or whatever else you’re counting is in your food and you won’t feel tempted to “maybe buy 3 burgers instead of 2” since they smell so good. Not to mention it’s a lot cheaper to pack your own food!

3. Some self-discipline won’t hurt

This might be the hardest thing of all: self-control. You have to just learn how to say “no”!
Easier said than done though.

Well, the thing is that you should do this change for yourself. You should know by now how bad fast food is for you and how much weight you rapidly put on just because you stop by a fast food joint everyday.

Self control is, how you would say, in your head.
Personally, when I walk by places that sell fast food, I just ask myself what’s more important: an entire pizza or my waistline? A juicy burger or guys at the beach drooling when I walk by? (what? it’s a nice feeling)

That’s actually all I do to stay away from fast food, I think about what’s more important to me. I do eat out when I’m with my friends, don’t think I’m crazy and stuff myself with a salad before I leave for a night out, but when I know it’s not imperative for me to eat right then and there, I just don’t.

These are my 3 tricks I use to avoid fast food and, honestly, I can’t even remember when I had my last cheeseburger. Instead, I’m getting better at making some killer sandwiches and making the right choice.

What about you? What do you do to avoid fast food every day? 


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