Drinks affect your weight loss!

A healthy diet doesn’t imply only eating the right things, you have to be careful about what you drink too. Drinking the wrong things can lead to – get this – a weight gain!

Do you have any idea how much sugar they put in a soda?
About this much:

sugar in a soda

Roughly, this is what we drink when having a soda with our meals. Ok, I may be exaggerating, but you should read the labels on sodas. You’ll see that the amount of sugar they put in is quite high. For example, a can of Pepsi has roughly 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar. One single can!

That translates to: sodas are not good for your diet and you should slowly replace them with water or natural juice.

Since I mentioned it, let’s talk about ‘natural juices’.

Have you ever read the label on one of those “natural” juice boxes? Nothing in there is natural, except for the 5% fruit content, even less in some cases. Commercials fill your head with ideas such as “this natural juice is healthy” or ” think natural!” or other crap, when in fact, the ONLY natural juice you’re ever going to drink is the one you squeeze yourself.

Fruits are great sources of vitamins and fiber and other things your body needs to stay healthy. Do yourself a big favor and stay away from juices that never spoil on the supermarket shelves and start drinking REAL natural juice, squeezed from fresh fruit.

Ideally, in order to lose weight, we need to drink lots of water. Plain ol’ water, or the gassy type if you prefer.

Water helps our body in so many ways:

  • water detoxifies your body
  • it helps your metabolism work better
  • it helps your organs absorb the nutrients they need
  • water transports oxygen and nutrients to our body cells
  • water regulates the body temperature

All in all, water protects our vital organs and that is pretty important. Not to mention water has NO CALORIES.

Now, for some, since water has no taste and it’s not that interesting. It applies to me too, I sincerely hate drinking plain water. The only way I’m able to drink water is if it’s mineral so, whenever I go shopping, I buy a “six-pack” of mineral water. Others chose to refrigerate it, that’s also a solution.

If you can’t find a solution to drink more water just think of it this way: by drinking water instead of sodas or (un)natural juices, you reduce your calorie intake by at least 500 calories a day! That should motivate you enough, right?

The bottom line is, if you really want to lose weight, you need to start drinking water. It’s really not that hard, start by not buying any more sodas when you go shopping. If you want to live a long healthy life, you need to start making some changes NOW.



  • Hi and welcome 🙂

    I used to drink a lot of Coke and Pepsi too, I drank a whole bottle almost every day. Not good! It’s not good for your health, not good for your diet. Drinking calories leads to obesity faster than you’d think .

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