Healthy recipes: salad as a side dish

I am now more or less (ok, less..) close to my ideal weight but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating junk again. From now on, hopefully for the rest of my life, I’ll remember how hard it is to lose those pounds and how i never want to go through that again!

So, even if now I’m not exercising for 2 hours a day as I used to (I really pushed myself for a few months), I still have to find some way to maintain my weight.

Well, since I definitely can’t go back to an unhealthy lifestyle, I decided to stick to what I’m now used to: eating healthy. So in the last few months I learned that eating a simple salad as a side dish can allow me to have a nice juicy stake as the main dish 😉

The trick is simple, you can have a nice steak for lunch or dinner (many calories) and a simple salad (very few calories) to compensate. Not to mention it’s so easy to prepare!

simple salad recipe

You only need:
leafy green vegetables (I buy them at the store, a mix of green leafy veggies in a bag)
a few slices of tomato
a few slices of pepper
some grated raw beet
1-2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil (tastes better than just olive oil)
some vinegar
some salt

Now, on to preparing the salad:
Mix everything and eat!

The number of calories for a simple salad like this on is so small you don’t even have to count them! It’s healthy, colorful, tasty and a great choice for a side dish.



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