Healthy recipes – chicken with salad

As you can see, I love chicken!
It’s low in calories, it’s not as fat as other meats, you can try all sorts of combinations in the kitchen with it and so on. Summing up, chicken is perfect for weight loss.

One of the combinations I’m talking about is this: chicken and salad. Doesn’t get simpler than that!

chicken with salad recipe

You need:

  • chicken breast
  • some lettuce leaves
  • one tomato
  • cheese

How to cook:

  1. Fry the chicken breast in a pan with either a teaspoon of olive oil or some cooking spray.
  2. Meanwhile, wash the lettuce and tomato and chop them, then place them on your plate.
  3. Grate the cheese on top of your salad
  4. Add the chicken on your plate and enjoy!

See how easy it is? Fast, tasty and nutritious.
Per serving, this meal has about 250 – 300 calories and you have your protein and your veggies.

Enjoy your lunch!

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