The 3 most effective ways to overcome writer’s block

How does one begin writing an article about writer’s block?
That is the question!

I’ll skip the dull part about how writer’s block is a totally normal “thing”, how it can (and probably will) happen to anyone and how even the greatest writers of all time have stared at a blank page at least a few times during their careers.

There are a myriad of articles online that debate this very topic: how to overcome writer’s block. I’ve read some of them, of course, especially when I was struggling with lack of inspiration myself.

Some of the tricks work, many are rather dopey, a few I haven’t tried yet.

The fact of the matter is, every person is different. Some methods work for some writers, some do not. Maybe few of the tricks work when you’re in a certain mood, maybe not.

For instance, I just washed the dishes while listening to music before writing this very article. I can honestly say it did not help inspire me at all! Yet, these 2 tricks to overcome writer’s block are highly recommended by many bloggers.

most effective ways to overcome writer's block

What does work?

Personally, I’ve found these 3 ways to overcome writer’s block to be the most effective:


Read blogs / websites within your niche

Nothing can be more inspiring than reading about the stuff you’re supposed to write about!

If you have a niche blog, you surely either promote it on same niche websites or you follow some, because it’s your passion.

So, why not turn your creative constipation into something positive and catch up on what’s new?

Read about your niche, browse through your bookmarked blogs and let the ideas flow, like a gentle stream of endless revelation! In other words, get busy writing!

Get your inspiration from comments

This is yet another great benefit of allowing comments on your website(s)!

You never know when someone might come along and leave a comment so intriguing, it inspires you to write a full article about it!

Same strategy applies if you read people’s opinions on other blogs as well. Instead of limiting yourself to just reading one person’s opinion (the author’s), scroll down and see what others are saying about the topic.

Instead of leaving a simple reply, you can link to the entire article in question, killing 2 birds with 1 stone: you – at last! – have your idea for a new article and you probably made a new online friend. Everyone likes their websites mentioned by others!

Ask your audience

What better way to show you care about your readers than asking them to get directly involved in your writings?

Put your social media accounts to good use: ask your fans what should you write about next.

Post the question on your Facebook Page, on Twitter, you could even post a photo on Instagram or Pinterest, asking your followers what to write about next and offering a small prize for the top best ideas (the “winners” get mentioned in your next posts, for instance).

These are my top 3 ways to overcome my lack of pouring ideas into words. They haven’t failed me so far, so I’m sure they can help other writers find their inspiration as well.

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