Alcohol and weight loss

Can you lose weight and still be able to raise a glass from time to time? Of course you can, you just have to make the right choices!

I’ve never been fond of alcohol, well maybe when I was a teenager but that’s just a phase. Now I see people enjoying a beer after dinner or a cocktail by the pool but I still don’t really care much for it.

However, a glass of wine once a week is not something I say no to. Especially if it’s someone’s birthday or if it’s not wine, but a glass of champagne to celebrate new years.

Drinking alcohol is overall bad for people who are trying to lose weight, but if you make smart choices, you can enjoy an alcoholic drink once in a while.

alcohol lose weight

For example, wine is the most diet friendly alcoholic drink you can have. Whether you prefer white wine or red, a glass of wine (meaning 3 oz or 100 ml.) is about 100 calories. From what I’ve heard, red wine helps keep your cholesterol level down, but don’t take my word on it.

Scotch, gin, tequila and other hard liquors may be OK to drink, as long as you stick to one glass. A 3 oz serving has about 200 calories or so. If you’re able to stick to one glass only, you don’t need to worry about ruining your weight loss process. If you know you’re gonna have more than one glass it’s best you stick to your sparkly water instead.

Beer is maybe one of the most appreciated drinks on the planet. Or among my family and friends, at least. However, there’s this saying that quotes “beer makes you fat” and all the jokes about the big bellies being beer tanks are not funny at all. Seriously, they are not funny, men or women with huge bellies are not funny. A 12 oz serving has about 150 calories but nobody really stops after 1 beer can.  As long as you’re not nobody, you’ll be OK 🙂 See? I made a joke.

Well, these are mainly the three alcoholic drinks that you can have every once in a while without worrying a lot about your weight. As you may noticed, cocktails with pretty umbrellas or chocolate liquors are not on ‘the list’, that’s because they have a lot of calories and while losing weight, you should stay away from them. A Mai Tai is about 300 calories – that’s a lot, eggnog has more than 400 calories per serving, you definitely don’t want to drink those calories.

Alcohol and diet don’t always mix well but if you’re careful, you can enjoy an alcoholic drink once in a while.

Of course, you should be extra careful when you drink as alcohol might screw with your brain and make you eat more than you should or worse – make you eat all the wrong things. This is why you should eat first and drink after you had your meal. Safety always comes first!


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